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52 Ways to Live Success From the Inside Out!

52 Ways to Live Success From the Inside Out!

Bite-Size Coaching for Success-Minded People

by Jeanne Sharbuno (2002 DC Press)

*Nominated for the 2002 National Book Award in Non-Fiction*

Would you like to create and achieve success easier than you’d ever believe…in all areas of your life?

You can when you apply my 52 user-friendly, down-to-earth principles. Learn how to:

  • Develop positive expectancy for magical results.
  • Be yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else.
  • Let go of all that doesn’t serve you.
  • Procrastinate your way into your heart’s desires.
  • Master the joy of moseying to balance work and home.

IF YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES…there’s something here that will improve your current situation. You have 5 minutes, don’t you? Imagine what you could do with an hour!


Many self-help and motivational books offer personal growth programs that take months…even years…to work through. Who has the time or patience for that?

“Simple and profound…Jeanne’s success tips put you in touch with your own inner wisdom, which will always guide you down the right path. Just taking the time to do these simple, brief exercises is a step in the right direction.”
Robbin Clark
Manager Corporate Computer Training,
Burlington Industries


Each of the 52 principles acts as your 5-minute coach.

52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out! is designed for the person on the go. This book’s wholesome “fast-food” version of coaching leads you to success in bite-size, manageable pieces.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Practical and easy-to-read format that is concise and content-rich.
  • Single, laser-like focus which makes each of the 52 principles easy to use.
  • Step-by-step, do-it-yourself approach to personal growth and success for quick results.
  • Variety of “how-to” exercises and simple action steps to immediately implement into your everyday life.
  • Real life examples you can relate to and learn from.
“Excellent! Some of the best work I’ve seen on personal development. It’s incisive, profound, and goes straight to the core for a lot of people.”
Marie Kane
Corporate Consultant and Executive Coach

52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out! inspires personal growth as easily and as naturally a cat stretching in the sun. Dr. Phil would love this book.

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52 Ways to Live Success From the Inside Out!

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Here’s what people are saying about this powerful book:

“…a year’s worth of weekly tips and action steps, great quotes, and ways to focus on how to achieve personal success.
Robin A. Sheerer
Author of No More Blue Mondays: Four Keys

“A must read! Jeanne has a gift for taking abstract concepts and boiling them down into practical words so you can understand them and apply them in your everyday life.”

Tom Trebes
Regional Manager, Benefit Partners,
Jefferson Pilot Financial
“Terrific…and powerful. Wonderfully content-rich and concise at the same time. Thanks, from the inside.
James Hayes
Digital Content Management Supervisor,
Home Depot
“This impressive book offers a mother lode of practical tips, anecdotes, and real life examples for anyone who’s committed to improving themselves. It’s practical, easy to read, and it works!”
Carol A. Hacker
Author of How to Compete in the War for Talent: A Guide for Hiring the Best

What will happen if you don’t order my book, 52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out?

Nothing, absolutely nothing! Nothing will change…AND…nothing will improve.

You can digest a good dinner at $16.95 immediately, and then it’s gone forever. Yet for just $16.95, these success principles will last you a lifetime.


52 Ways to Live Success From the Inside Out!

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